Challenging what is with what could be. Reimagining the women's health care clinic experience.
How might we reimagine women’s health clinic experience? How might we encourage proactive and preventive care? How might we improve accessibility to women of differing income level and marital status?
For this project, I was tasked with cross-analyzing data and finding problems in the community of Savannah, GA that design can help eradicate. Through secondary research and primary research including interviews and sorting activities, I created a proposed health clinic located in one of Savannah’s run-down buildings. Observing other health clinics and immersing into clinic appointments myself, I was able to identify pain points and areas of improvement.
The most important learning outcome of this project for me has been the intensive process of research, user interaction and insight, all informing the proposed solutions.
Location: Below is the actual site and research surrounding the thoughtful choice in location. Through research, I found that many women in the target user group rely on public transportation and walkable sidewalks. Therefore, this building is located on the edge of residential and commercial space along the routes of Savannah's public transportation. 

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