An energetic hometown campaign and brand, representing a passionate Madisonian running for Mayor 
My dad has always supported and encouraged me in my dreams. It has been wonderful to do the same for him. When building any brand, it's necessary to get to know your client and their audience. As a Madisonian myself, I had 28 years of experience getting to know both my client (my father) and his audience (my hometown). 
We were determined to build a campaign that truly reflected my dad's morals, personality, and his bold initiatives for Madison. 
The campaign trail expanded over 14 months, and I remained dedicated from the moment he told me he wanted to run. I provided the following: logo development, website design and tracking, copyrighting, billboards, newspaper presence, signage design, and social media. 
On November 5, 2019, he was overwhelmingly elected as Madison's Mayor

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